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Pluginplate Premium purchase options

  • Billed yearly until cancelled

For each active license, all future modules are included.
On, you can create high-quality plugin templates that follow the latest WordPress standards and are easy to adapt.

The service also offers various modules to extend the plugin template, which makes it amazingly convenient to extend the plugins fully to your needs.
Also, the template dynamically chooses the best template setup for you to not waste any time with removing unnecessary files.


Plugin template features:
  1. Dynamically choose the best plugin setup
  2. Minimal setup requirements
  3. Works out-of-the-box
  4. Complies with WordPress Coding standards
  5. Clean and perfectly readable code
  6. Full PHPDocs support
  7. Supported default fields: Plugin name & slug, plugin URI, plugin version & prefix, short description, author name, email, and author URI
  8. Modules and module settings
  9. API Integration

Available modules
For further details about each module, you can check out the module list.
  1. Add General Public License (GPL)
  2. Add readme.txt file
  3. Add helper documentation
  4. Add admin plugin-list action link
  5. Add shortcode
  6. Add configuration files (.gitignore, .distignore, .editorconfig)
  7. Add CSS support
  8. Add JS support
  9. Add topbar menu item
  10. Add admin menu page (including a fully working options panel)
  11. Add WP CLI support
  12. Add REST API support
  13. Add dashboard widget
  14. Add custom post type